Emotional Release Pillows

Emotional Response Technique (ERT) using pillows and batons provides a controlled, safe environment for individuals to physically express and channel their "fight" response. By having a physical outlet to express and process intense emotions or stress, users can experience catharsis and a sense of relief.

Emotional Assist Pillows

Comfort, reassurance, and positivity – find all these in our Emotional Assist Pillows. Part of the Emotional Response Technique brand, these pillows offer solace and affirmation, helping you to manage your emotional state with positivity.

Swiftiez Collection | Taylor's Version

[Disclaimer: This collection is inspired by the music and albums of Taylor Swift but is not officially affiliated with the artist.]

The "Swiftiez Collection" aims to mirror the emotional ebbs and flows depicted throughout Taylor Swift’s discography, offering a tangible solace during your own emotional journeys. Whether you’re navigating through storms of despair, basking in the glow of love, or finding peace in solitude, allow these pillows to become your emotional confidantes, soaking in every unspoken word and unshed tear.

Key Features of our Pillows

  • 100% Spun polyester
  • Made from spun polyester threads, it retains its shape, doesn't wrinkle, and doesn't require ironing
  • Beige plastic zipper with metal head
  • The beige zipper will look great together with your design
  • 100% Polyester pillow
  • Goes inside the cover and is made from recycled polyester

Care instructions

Remove the pillow cover. Pre-treat the stains with soft cloth or bristle brush that had been soaked in warm soapy water. Machine wash, max 40°C (104°F), normal cycle. Do not bleach, tumble dry on low, do not dry-clean. Iron, steam, or dry low heat only. Fluff to reshape when assembling it back together.